Saturday, September 19, 2009

curtain rods in the land of make believe

Lost: 1 curtain rod, last seen on the night of Sept. 12Th.... This past weekend as the temperature fell outside, I got the seasonal urge to clean, not just any clean but get ready for, oh dare I say it.....WINTER. Anyhow this cleaning meant washing all my curtains, blah a boring task but ah well it has to be done. When curtains were all washed and ready to be hung I found myself mysteriously short one curtain rod. Kind of like that darn missing sock from the laundry but ordinarily not something you loose. I tore my house apart looking for this curtain rod, but alas it was not found. Defeated and in need to hang my curtain back up so as not to give my neighbors a show, I went to the store today to replace lost curtain rod. Happily the curtain is hung back in its place and privacy is restored. So why the title "curtain rod in the land of make believe", well just as I had guessed, about an hour or two after I hung my curtain, there in my yard is my little one, playing pirate, with his sword, the lost curtain rod. Go figure......

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Tina said...

I got a huge kick out of your post. Living here in the land of approaching WINTAH, I was shocked to realize I was supposed to wash curtains in the fall....I do them (what few we have)in the spring. I have had the curtain rod problem, and found if I put the bare curtain rods back up on the brackets, I don't lose them, and don't have to stand there with my finger in my ear trying to figure out which rod goes on which window.
Enjoy the leaf peeping!